The PAJAR CANADA brand was built with a desire to explore Canada and our love of the outdoors. PAJAR CANADA seamlessly blends our rich Canadian heritage and five generations of handcrafted shoemaking with outdoor performance-fashion to create innovative footwear, outerwear and accessories.

Over the last 60 years, Pajar Canada has been manufacturing our heritage products in the family factory in Montréal, as well as globally in Europe and Asia. As we continue to grow our brand with distribution in over 25 countries in the global market-place, we believe that our growth also empowers and challenges us to see the world from a different perspective.

As we embark on our 60th year, we pledge to continue to encourage people to explore Canada and the great outdoors, and protect the places where we live, play, and operate. This pledge helps us to evolve in how we make our products by improving our environmental performance and social responsibility in our supply chain.

We realize with distinct clarity how precious our resources are here on earth, which is why we have taken the initiative to help close the loop. In doing so, we strive to increase the amount of recycled and sustainable components utilized, and thereby reduce the amount of waste we create in manufacturing our products.

Most of our environmental impact stems from the supply chain and the materials we use. We rely on tanneries for our leather and sheepskin, and these facilities require massive amounts of water, energy, and chemicals to process raw materials. In committing ourselves to the pledge of sustainable sourcing, we have chosen to only work with tanneries that utilize full water treatment plants where chemicals are properly managed, and enforce regular audits of these facilities to ensure they meet our standards of environmental performance. We know that environmental awareness is just as important to the feet that wear our shoes as it is to us, which is why we incorporate recycled rubber in our soles, and biodegradable compounds in our lightweight EVA phylon midsoles. To further reduce our footprint, we have pledged to incorporate a minimum of 30% upcycled and recyclable components in all of our footwear.