Heritage Repair Service
Extend the life of your Heritage Footwear

In an effort to reduce waste and extend the life of our products, Pajar is proud to offer its Heritage Repair Service.

With our Heritage Repair Service, you can send your Heritage Boots back to the very same factory in which they were produced. This ensures that the same artisans who completed the 230+ steps in making your boots, will also oversee their full repair and refurbishment in our Montréal, Quebec factory.

To inquire if your products are fit for repair, please fill out the form below, after which one of our product specialists will advise on how best to proceed.

• The final product evaluation is made only once the physical product is received by our repair team and the extent of the necessary repair has been determined, until this point no products are guaranteed to qualify for repair by PAJAR.

• Should the extent of the repair needed go beyond what was initially assumed and quoted to you, one of our product specialists will contact you to assess prior to the commencement of any repairs.

Though it is intended that your repair will take approximately two weeks after we receive your product, due to differing degrees of complexity, or availability of the materials needed to execute the repairs, it can take up to six weeks.

If the initial components used in production are no longer available, the necessary repairs will be made using alternate components, while always respecting the end use, and overall aesthetic of the product being repaired.

** Please note that only products which PAJAR deems to be repairable in a way that will not compromise their future use, or overall aesthetic are accepted for repair.

The Heritage Repair Service is only available for customers residing in Canada.