Where it all began

Paul Golbert, the company's founder, is born in Paris, France into a family of shoemakers.


Arrival in Montreal

On March 3rd, Paul, his wife Rachel and their 4 year-old son Jacques, immigrate to Montreal, Canada.


Pajar is Founded

Paul founded the Pajar brand using the first letters of his name, his wife's name, and his son's name: PAul, JAcques, and Rachel, respectively.



Paul is one of the first pioneers within the footwear industry to import Italian, French and Spanish footwear to the Canadian market.


First Showroom Opened

The year Montreal welcomed the world to Expo 67, Paul Golbert opened up his first showroom in downtown Montreal.


Factory Opened

Paul opens his own factory on the corner of Coloniale and Mont Royal in the Plateau district of Montreal. One of the first boots created at the Montreal Factory was the iconic Zig-Zag style with sheepskin lining, thus the Apres Ski boot was born! This shearling boot laid the foundation for Pajar as one of the world’s leaders in Shearling boot production.


Jacky Joins

Paul’s son Jacques joins the company after graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Lausanne. He also trained at France’s École de la Chaussure.


Export to USA

Pajar becomes one of the first Canadian brands to export to the U.S.


Wins Award

Pajar wins the Canadian Footwear Association Award for best Women’s Casual Footwear.


Pajar Loves Skiing!

Pajar becomes the official provider for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.


Gold Award Won

Pajar wins Gold award for best children’s winter boots from the International Shoe Association.


La Griffe D'or Award

Pajar Canada receives the La Griffe D’or Award, the Oscars of the Canadian Fashion Industry for Best Designer/Manufacturer for footwear. This prestigious award ceremony was televised to over one million spectators.


Family Matters!

Michel, Jacques' son joins the Company followed by his sister Elise and brother David. All three children graduated from Ars Sutoria design school in Milan, Italy.


Expanding into Europe

Pajar Canada begins its European expansion and quickly established its presence in prestigious retailers such as Harrods in London, Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Kadewe in Germany.


World Wide Prestige

Ars Sutoria, Italy’s most recognized trade magazine references Pajar as the "Rolls Royce" of Canadian Boots.


First Pajar Store

Pajar opens its first Concept shop in Maastricht, Holland.


Product Expansion

Pajar begins licensing other complementary products beginning with outerwear apparel and accessories. Pajar Boots are worn by the Volunteers in the Opening Ceremonies at the Vancouver Olympics.



Today Pajar Canada is sold in over 40 countries and counting!